Thank you to all those that helped fill the needs of our moms in June. If you would like to help us out again this month or missed the last here is the list of our needs this July:

1). Brooms – 1inside the house and 1 outside the house.

2). Bulletin Boards for each of the rooms (9)

3). Shower Baskets for each family (9) Click here for an example

4). Plastic Bins – storage for the rooms (20) – Click here for the type we need

5). Plastic Bins for under the bed (30) – Click here for the type we need and will fit.

6). Hygiene Items – Lg shampoo, conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Dish Shop, or Toilet Paper

7). Plastic Accordion File – this helps our mom’s stay organized! Click here for an example

8). Bus Tickets

We are grateful for the community support we receive! It makes all the difference to our program and our families.
Our June Wish List-
1) Spare bathroom rugs
2) Ice packs (for summer ouches!)
3) Size 6 diapers
4) Hygiene items for alumni (shampoo, deodorant, body wash, etc.)
5) Large serving spoons (not slotted)
6) Box fans (it’s getting hot!)
7) Kids’ swimming pool- inflatable would be great- for our water day/spring cleaning day on June 28th
8) Big need item- a new dishwasher! Ours has served us well for several years now, but its new needs aren’t fixable. Please call Amy at 303-866-7641 for details about this.

Extra fun- Sign up with Father Ed Judy House on the new Catholic Charities Get Connected volunteer website! You’ll be updated about new volunteer needs, our wish list each month, and any other Catholic Charities programs you’d like to follow. Check it out at serve.ccdenver.org

Good morning, Alumni! 

Just a reminder- we’ll have our monthly coffee hour this morning at our Sun Valley location (990 Alcott) from 9:30 to 11:00.  Come visit with other alumni, and come prepared to tell some great wisdom about being a mom.  Theresa is looking forward to hearing advice and thoughts from all of you.  (No labor horror stories, please!)  :)  Our new program supervisor, Amy, will be looking forward to meeting you too!  See you soon! 

Good news! Denver Housing Authority is accepting applications (interest cards) online- now through next Tuesday, May 27th.

Here’s the information:

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One of the goals of our alumni program is to help families who move into transitional housing secure permanent housing.  Transitional housing can last from six months to two years, it is stable, but temporary.  Permanent housing can include market rent, subsidized housing, Section 8 housing and public housing.  When families have permanent housing, they are more able to focus on other goals such as improved employment, education and long-term counseling.  Basically, Permanent Housing =  Long-term Stability.

Happily, we have been making significant progress, working alongside alumni families to secure permanent housing!

permanent housing alumni

 Click here for more information about our Alumni Program

May Wish List

May 2014 Wish List
1. Shaving cream and razors
2. Antenna for the TV (we might need something stronger than bunny ears)
3. Large bottles of shampoo and conditioner
4. RTD bus tickets
5. Passes for movies, Pirates’ Cove, and other summer activities for alumni families
6. Diapers- size 4 and 5- we are out!
7. Spare bathroom rugs
8. Dressers

The Father Ed Judy House is part of a fascinating fundraiser this spring, Ride the Rockies. Many of you have heard about this race. Started in 1986, it is so popular among cyclists that you have to enter into a lottery for the opportunity to race.

This year our CEO, Larry Smith, with be riding with Team Samaritan. Led by team captain, Tom Schwein (Catholics Charities board member) and co-captain Tom Dea, it is their fourth consecutive year riding specifically to raise money to support Samaritan House and this year, have included the other four shelters of Catholic Charities.

Here is what fascinates me about this ride: it is grueling – 473 miles and 28,265 vertical feet. Why would you go to these lengths to support a cause you believe in? Here is a video of a man, Maickel Melamed , who has muscular dystrophy who garnered a lot of public attention last year for finishing the Chicago Marathon after running nearly 17 hours.

At the end he says, “When you give it all, you will have peace.” Perhaps that is was Team Samaritan will find at the end of the race? Perhaps they are riding in solidarity with our families – understanding how difficult it really is for a mother to pull themselves out of a domestic violence relationship – into homelessness – losing everything – and then rebuilding and moving back into the community? Metaphorically, it links the courage of heart our moms need to recover with the physical stamina riders need to finish the race.

Please consider supporting Larry and Team Samaritan as they bike 473 miles and 28,265 vertical feet.  It is also an opportunity to support the families at the Father Ed Judy House.

Go Larry!

(P.S. Email me if you are interested in a business sponsorship: woldenbrook@ccdenver.org)


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