Exciting new wishlist!

As one of several exciting expansion projects within Catholic Charities’ Women’s Services, we have been given the opportunity to open a brand new home as a transitional housing program.  This will operate in close connection with Father Ed Judy House, providing an affordable next step housing option for many of the families served here.

Marisol Home will be in Lakewood, and we are scheduled to open in mid-August.  The home will house 7 single mothers with their children, as well as a live-in staff member.  Families will stay for approximately one year.

Construction was completed earlier this summer, and out next step is to furnish and prepare the home. This is where we need you! Below is a list of our top needs at this time.  We will update this list each week, or as needs change.

Please email Theresa if you are purchasing or acquiring one of the needed items- she is keeping a master list. We have some storage available, or you are welcome to store items in your home temporarily.

We will also need volunteers as our opening day gets closer! More info to come, but reach out to Theresa if you or your group would like to help in early August.


Contact Theresa with questions about donations and volunteer opportunities- TMiller@ccdenver.org or call 720-799-9400, or speak with Kathryn Svoboda, who will manage the home- KSvoboda@ccdenver.org, or call 303-802-6034.

Our current wishlist- Marisol Home wish list 7-25-16.  Right now our highest need is to get beds and mattresses for the home.


Ed’s Top Eight- June 2016

Beach Dog

We value the support we receive from our community!  As we launch into summer here at Father Ed’s, our top needs right now are:

  1. Brita (or similar) water filter/pitcher
  2. Bus tickets
  3. Work-out videos or DVDs (the ladies are excited about zumba!)- Received some! 
  4. Sunscreen- received some! 
  5. Long outdoor hose/sprinkler/plastic kids’ pool  Received! 
  6. Water bottles– Received!
  7. Scooters for the playground
  8. Tickets for family activities- aquarium, zoo, movies, etc.

**Bonus!  We broke the lid on our crockpot and need a replacement lid: Hamilton Beach parts  (Model 33969, part 990126000)**  On its way in the mail! 

If you would like more information about any of these items, or would like to donate, please reach out to us.  Call the office at 720-799-9400, or email FEJHVolunteers@ccdenver.org.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support of the families here at Father Ed’s!

Ed’s Top Eight- May 2016

We value the support we receive from our community!  Our top needs right now are:

  1. Paper towels (for our alumni families)
  2. Cleaning products (also for alumni- these could be multi-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, disinfectant sprays, etc.)
  3. Day planners (even small ones from the dollar store)
  4. Crib for a new baby due soon!  Or a bassinet in the meantime until we get a crib!
  5. Bus tickets- always a need, but especially in the summer
  6. Received!  Thank you!  A walker for an alumni client (we need a specific one- link is here-)
  7. Received!  Thank you!  Shirt and tie- new please!  We have a young man graduating high school very soon.  Mom got him a suit, but he needs a shirt and tie.  White shirt, any color tie.  He wears a size medium.
  8. Long hose for outside (and maybe a new sprinkler- summer is coming!)

If you would like more information about any of these items, or would like to donate, please reach out to us.  Call the office at 720-799-9400, or email FEJHVolunteers@ccdenver.org.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support of the families here at Father Ed’s!


Washington DC trip- help for an alumni

One of our Father Ed’s alumni is working to send her teen daughter on a school trip to Washington DC! This student has worked hard in school, and her whole family has been working hard to raise money for this trip- baking cookies, garage sales, all sorts of things. The trip is being supported through WISE (West Initiative for Scholastic Excellence). During this trip, she will be learning about the government system, the Holocaust, geography, and history. As well as travel skills that are of practical use.

The school says, “Through educational travel, we are able to live our mission n in a way that would otherwise not be possible. Our vision of travel at West Leadership Academy aligns directly with our school vision. Educational travel will embed the tools necessary for students to strive toward global citizenship, understanding how to be caring and socially conscious citizen who respect linguistic and cultural diversity.”

Donations can be made payable to The Denver Foundation with the memo indicating FEJH (this is protecting confidentiality as well as allowing the funds to go directly to our student rather than the entire pool of participants).

The checks should be mailed to:
Carrie A. Olson, WISE
754 South Ivy Street
Denver, Co 80224

Please let us at Father Ed’s know as well if you are able to make a donation- we’d love to be able to pass along the good news to this family!

November 2015 Wish List

Ed’s Top Eight

1. Tampons and pads
2. Deodorant
3. Gift cards (especially for gas)- $10-$15 increments
4. Pictures/inspirational quotes to hang on the walls
5. Nail/manicure sets (we have lots of teen girls right now!)
6. RTD bus tickets
7. TV/DVD player
8. Pilates/Zumba DVDs- the moms want to exercise together! (Thus the need for a working DVD player…)

*9* Email Theresa at FEJHVolunteers@ccdenver.org for info on holiday volunteer opportunities!

Ed’s Top Eight- July 2015

Ed’s Top Eight-

The Top Eight Things We Need Each Month at the Shelter

The support of the community is invaluable to us! Because we are often asked what we need, here is our current wish list (updated monthly.)  Please call us (303) 866-7641 if you would like to donate any of these items and we would be happy to arrange a time to meet you!

July 2015 Wish List

    • Fans- this summer will be hot!
    • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
    • Gently-used plus-sized women’s clothing
    • Hair brushes
    • New tupperware, to store our dinner leftovers (plastic, please!)
    • Gas gift cards ($10/$15)
    • Cleaning products for our alumni
    • T-ball set!  (We had so much fun at the Rockies game, that now we need to practice our baseball skills!)
  • Bonus item!  We want to play in the water on the 4th of July!  We’d love a little pool to splash in!