Ten years ago right now, the first families at the Catholic Charities Father Ed Judy House were tucking their kids into bed.

The families were settling into their bunk beds, staying in rooms that still hold the same names that they do today- named after Colorado fourteen-ers, representing the challenge that it is to take the road out of homelessness. The named bedrooms also show that the rooms, and the families who stay there, aren’t just numbers. There is a sense of dignity to staying in the Elbert room, instead of in Room 8. The moms and their children are much, much more than that.

Over 400 families have come through our doors these past 10 years, and over 700 children. These numbers are huge. We’ve also had amazing support from donors and volunteers each and every year- these numbers are huge, too. But we know that at Father Ed’s, the numbers aren’t what we really count. We count on the relationships that we build and foster, the trust that develops that helps families succeed in housing and reach their goals.

We’ve lost touch with those first families who stayed in the Elbert, Colombia, Capital, and Humboldt rooms. But we’ve stayed in touch with many more, both through our alumni program and through less-formal catch-up phone calls and visits. We’ve been blessed to see an amazing amount of success stories, and blessed too, to walk with families through some really tough struggles. We’ve seen families through new births, through GED graduations, through cancer treatment, through new apartments, through moving again, through new jobs, through returned abusers, through new healthy relationships, through baptisms, through middle school, and through bravery that impresses me every day.

So as we celebrate all that has happened over these first ten years, please know that our numbers are great, but YOU are more than the numbers.

  • You are more than a checkmark on our statistics; you are a mom, an alumni, with amazing children and a spirit that impresses us all.
  • You are more than two bottles of shampoo, a case of diapers, or a table and chairs; you are a donor who listens to our needs and responds with a full heart.
  • You are more than a prayer partner; you hold our stories dear to your heart, no matter their weight, and you lift us all up.
  • You are more than a dinner donation; you take the time to shop, chop, plan, and deliver, all with care for our families and their needs.
  • You are more than the hours you spend volunteering with the children here; you remind these social-service-weary families that people care and will look them in the eyes, supporting them beyond the bare minimum of what they need.
  • You are more than a past employee; you dedicated hours of time to really listen to the families here, rarely during regular business hours, and always bringing your best self and best practices to the work here.

Please join us to celebrate YOU, and all that you have done to support the Father Ed Judy House these past ten years. We invite you to join us-

Friday, May 8th, 2015

3:00-6:00 pm

(Speakers begin at 4:00)

There will be an open house, tours from alumni, snacks, and a bounce house.

Let us know if you can make it- 303-866-7641, or FEJHVolunteers@ccdenver.org

Thank YOU, for everything.

April’s Wish List

  1. Car seat with stroller for a baby- due soon!
  2. Baby bath tub
  3. Diaper bag (over-the-shoulder strap)
  4. Gift cards for our summer book club (Qdoba, Noodles, etc.)
  5. Laundry soap for our alumni
  6. Baby monitors
  7. Sidewalk chalk!  Or other outside games
  8. Tickets to a Rockies game!  We are hoping to honor Father Ed, who was a big Rockies fan, for our 10-year anniversary by taking our in-house families to a Rockies game in May.  Please call staff for more info about this!

March 2015 Wish List-

  • Vacuums (for alumni)
  • White board (for life skills group)
  • 2 large kitchen trash cans (for the shelter)
  • $10 and $15 gift cards to Safeway/King Soopers
  • Background for our faith bulletin board- Last Supper
  • Storage bins (for shoes and clothes)
  • Easter Egg tree
  • Shower caddies- similar to these from Amazon

Happy 2015!

We were blessed with a wonderful Christmas season here at Father Ed’s.  Thank you for your tremendous support!  Our needs going into the new year include….

Ed’s Top Eight- January 2015

  • 1) Air mattresses (some alumni have no beds right away when they move into new apartments!)
  • 2) Sturdy clothing rack (to better display clothing donations we receive)
  • 3) Day planners for moms
  • 4) Shampoo!  We are very low!
  • 5) Shower curtains (and rings) for alumni families
  • 6) Pack of oil changes
  • 7) Feminine products, for our mothers and teen girls
  • 8) Pedicures/Manicures (we’re hoping to treat the moms for Valentine’s Day)

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Father Ed Judy House and the families we serve.

Thank you to our generous supporters for helping us meet the needs of the families we serve!  Here are our top needs for November:

1) Toilet paper for our alumni families

2) Non-perishable food for alumni

3) Clothing Rack

4) Blankets/Comforters (twin-sized)

5) Feminine hygiene items

6) Deodorant

7) Air mattresses (for when families move out but don’t have a bed yet)

8) Donors to Adopt-A-Family for Christmas!  This will be through the main office of Catholic Charities.  More details to come, or call the main office at 303-742-0828.  Several of our alumni families are on this list (and others are adopted through local parishes).

September 2014 Wish List

Happy Fall!

Here is our October 2014 Wish List:

  1. Canned food for the Alumni families
  2. Toilet Paper for the Alumni families
  3. Personal Products for the women
  4. Baby Monitors (5-8)
  5. Small Bulletin Boards for each of rooms (9)
  6. 1 Large White Board for the group facilitators to write on during our life skill classes
  7. Bus tickets – we can never receive too many of these!
  8. Pumpkins which can be carved by the families

Thank you to all those that helped fill the needs of our moms in June. If you would like to help us out again this month or missed the last here is the list of our needs this July:

1). Brooms – 1inside the house and 1 outside the house.

2). Bulletin Boards for each of the rooms (9)

3). Shower Baskets for each family (9) Click here for an example

4). Plastic Bins – storage for the rooms (20) – Click here for the type we need

5). Plastic Bins for under the bed (30) – Click here for the type we need and will fit.

6). Hygiene Items – Lg shampoo, conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Dish Shop, or Toilet Paper

7). Plastic Accordion File – this helps our mom’s stay organized! Click here for an example

8). Bus Tickets


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