Food Instability

Our Emergency Food Pantry

This week we have had four calls from families who were completely out of food. 

These families have all moved from the shelter into stable housing, but still struggle with food instability. 

One mother expects to have more food stamps this week, however, she does not live near any grocery stores and won’t have money to ride the bus until next week.  Another mother, with six children, had her food stamps delayed a month. The third mother had her food stamps reduced and is trying to figure out how to make them last a full month.

After making three food deliveries and one food pick up (for 4 moms and 17 kids) our make shift pantry is bare.  We like to keep non-parishable food available for these types of emergencies – so we are looking for food donations.  If you have canned goods or pantry food to share (beans, rice, cereal, soup, peanut butter, etc.,) please give us a call (303) 866-7641.


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